Artists at Grande Ronde Cellars


First Friday of Every Month

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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Lisa Marie Brown (February 2014)

Lisa Marie Brown Ode to Manito Series

Lisa Marie Brown
Ode to Manito Series

Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Washington State University and her Masters of Arts degree at Whitworth University. She taught art and worked with young artists at the high school level for over 20 years. Her studio is located in Spokane, Washington adjoining a natural wooded area, which she shares with birds, deer, and an occasional moose.

Melissa Cole (October 2012)

Moonlight Kisses
Artist Melissa Cole often finds herself snorkeling with salmon, smooching manatees, and swimming with tiger sharks.  It is from these amazing encounters that she derives much of her inspiration for her vividly colored, heavily textured and patterned acrylic paintings. Cole was born in Oregon and raised in London, Hong Kong, and India.  She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Zoology.  She has spent time working in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic in environmental education, as a dive guide in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and as a naturalist guide in Baja, Mexico.  She has written over 30 children’s natural history books and travels with her husband Brandon, who is a wildlife photographer specializing in marine life.

Christine Deubel (Exhibit April 2012 & April 2013)

Christina Deubel

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. This self taught, painting artist has been creating artwork for most of her life.  In 2011 she became a full time artist and was able to truly stretch her wings and her own personal boundaries.  The work of this Spokane Artist is an expression of color, emotion and feeling that brings the viewer in and entices them to learn the story behind each piece.  Her style varies from still life paintings, fly fishing artwork and surreal expressionism.  “The release I get from painting is the perfect form of expression for someone bursting with emotion but unlikely to express it on a daily basis.”

Visit her site at:

May 2013 — Jeannine Fruci

Louise Saylor — January 2013

Water Sentinels
Louise Saylor

Marsha Marcuson (exhibits 2008, 2010, 2012)

Bridge in the Woods (Marsha Marcuson

Marsha has exhibited at Grande Ronde Cellars many times over the past seven years. She participated in the “Bear Necessities” program with Ronald McDonald House as well as the “Carousel Ponies”.

Andrea Parrish — Guest Artist February 2013

Andrea Parrish

Eric Alain-Parker (Exhibit March 2012)

Eric Alain-Parker

Eric is a recent graduate of Washington State University currently studying in Fairbanks!!

Visit his site:

 Jeannine Fruci (February 2013)

Jeannine Fruci St. Joe River

Jeannine Fruci
JSt. Joe River

Jeannine was an art major at the University of Washington before she started her own busines, JM Recruiting in Spokane. She has displayed her watercolors throughout the Northwest.

Ira Gardner (February 2012)

North Dakota by Ira Gardner

Ira Gardner’s photography ranges from wilderness to urban cityscapes. Several of his interior photographs are featured on our site.

Kent Henderson (exhibit May 2012)

Kent is a commercial photographer in Spokane who has displayed at the winery. His last photo exhibit included Spokane landscapes and many different visions of the Spokane River.

Spokane River by Kent Henderson

 Callahan McVay  (exhibit August 2012)

Glass Bouquet by Callahan McVay

Callahan McVay was born in 1974 and grew up on Whidbey Island in Washington among a band of wild chainsaw-wielding wood artists. He carved his first piece in wood at the age of six, and stayed with the medium for eight years. At 14, he was introduced to glass by Bob Mitchell, and quickly became obsessed. He has exhibited throughout the world including the US Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and has been featured in Seattle Home & Lifestyles.

Patti Simpson Ward

Patti Simpson Ward The Review Bldg

Patti Simpson Ward
The Review Bldg

Carrie Vielle  (exhibit July 2012 & October 2013)

Carrie has both a Masters and BA from Eastern Washington University in arts. She has been a professor in Florence, Italy — held hands with David — and is currently working on the torso as an expression of her view of art in the world. Her July-August exhibit at the cellar will be another dimension in our exploration of the art world at Grande Ronde.

“Moment for Me” by Carrie Vielle

Carrie Vielle has been drawing and painting her entire life.
She was born in Victoria, B.C. into a family and community immersed in the arts.  Her family members include fine artists, photographers/film makers, actors, writers, musicians and composers – all of whom enriched Carrie’s arts education.

Carrie holds a BA in Studio Art and a BA in Art History from Eastern Washington University. She is currently teaching at Washington State University.

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